It is so awkward to introduce yourself in this context. I feel paralyzed to even begin! I’d love for you to find me relatable like Jen Hatmaker, inspiring like Jennifer Rothschild, poetic like Ann Voskamp, clever like Jon Acuff, entertaining like Tim Hawkins, uplifting like Corrie ten Boom, friendly like Ree Drummond, mentoring like Sally Clarkson, and engaging like my husband Simon Smith (www.reelparables.com).  The truth is that while I may have a smattering of all of those qualities in me somewhere, the characteristic that stands out most in me is transparency.

My sweet family in December 2015 with Grandpa & Grandma Smith

With my trademark transparency in mind, I offer you this textual “snapshot” of myself.

  • Homemaker – I am a professional Homemaker. I have been a stay-at-home wife & mom my entire adult life. My chosen profession has allowed me the time to intentionally invest in my relationship with my husband and in each of our five children, including home schooling through high school.  They currently range in age from 13 to 24.
  • Planner – I have loved the act of planning for over 25 years.  From early motherhood, my energies have been directed toward creating moments that would turn into the happy memories of childhood that my family will fondly remember. As my children have grown, that energy has been extended to include family, friends and our church.
  • Introvert – Simply put, I blossom more fully behind the scenes. Being front and center, having any form of spotlight on me, is very uncomfortable.  I am shy, sometimes immobilizingly so.
  • Contemplative – I am always thinking.  Always pondering.  Always “back burner-ing” something in my head.
  • Empathetic – Written page.  Illuminated screen.  Face-to-face.  I feel deeply with others. And yes, this translates into tears.
  • Striving – Always wanting “more” has helped me grow and refine many areas of my life. I’ve learned to look at striving not as a negative word, but one that is a catalyst for change.  And change is good.
  • Realistic – I have learned to lessen the pressures on myself for perfection and to strike a balance in what is reasonably attainable.

I hope to get to know a little about you, too, as we grow and create meaningful memories in 2016!