Being Still – a short devotional

My view for the past several days of being still (Hello, Rosie!)

The first time my back went out, I was nineteen. When I was younger and my primary job was lifting babies all day long, it went out with regularly and always took several weeks to recover. As my children grew, so did the time between incidents. Imagine the frustration of being stuck lying on the flat of your back for weeks on end, of needing assistance to do such essential tasks as emptying your bladder, of gross inactivity when you want to do something. Though still frustrating, my perspective is changing. When you have no other option available to you except being still on the flat of your back, there is nowhere to look but up.

My husband is my personal hero. Love.

PONDER:  What circumstances have you experienced that brought you to a place where there was nowhere to look but up? Perhaps these were God’s invitations to you to be still and know Him.


PRAYER: Father, I long to be still and to know You in a deeper way. Please open my eyes so that I may see my circumstances as invitations to fellowship with You. Help me to embrace being still with You today.


Being Still is the first of thirty devotionals I’ve been asked to write this year as part of a friend’s year-long devotional project.  I look forward to taking this step outside of my comfort zone by sharing what the Lord is showing me.  My hope is that you will find a place here where you feel comfortable in taking that step with me.

4 thoughts on “Being Still – a short devotional”

  1. I had to be on bed rest with my pregnancy for Elijah. I was lonely! It was SO hard!
    Ever since then ,though ,I have really appreciated the simple chores I do. Laundry, dishes most of all cooking a meal! This is a good reminder to me to love those small things still. I felt very strongly that God put me in time out. You see I was a little surprised about having a child at 43. So I feel like God said” I am making you take a time out and wait quietly for this one so you can learn to trust me. I started a bible study on the book of James. He(James) said , “consider it pure joy when you face trials.” I think I threw the book across the room! When my hubby got home I said, ” I had a argument with James today and we are no longer on speaking terms.” To which he asked, o.k. Honey. Who is James?” Seems so funny now! Not so funny then. I didn’t speak to James for a long time . LOL! Dash

    1. Ha! I think I’ve had similar moments with some parts of Scripture; you know, the ones that are just way too convicting like counting it all joy when you face various trials…WHILE you are experiencing a trial without the joy. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing! I loved the transparency of your comment…and your website! You almost make me feel like I could grow something successfully.

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