Veto Power – a short devotional

John 18-11

I have been pondering John 18:11 this morning and the two opposite sides of the coin represented when it comes to surrendering to God’s will.

Jesus said to Peter, “Put your sword into its sheath; shall I not drink the cup that the Father has given me?”

On the one hand, I want desperately to be like Jesus, trusting and accepting and following as God directs my life. I want to live in unreserved surrender to His plan in an “all in” kind of way. On the other hand (the one that struggles for dominance), instead of accepting the cup with the trust in God that Jesus displayed, I’m more like, “Well, let’s have a look in that cup first.” I want to discuss – to bargain – with God until we come to some sort of mutual agreement before I take my cup. As one hand reaches for the cup God is handing to me, the other tightens on the sword at my side in a struggle with the desire to have veto power over God’s plan for me.

PONDER: In what areas in your relationship with God do you struggle with wanting veto power?  Which hand will you give dominance to today?

Veto Power is one of thirty devotionals I’ve been asked to write this year as part of a friend’s year-long devotional project.  I look forward to taking this step outside of my comfort zone by sharing what the Lord is showing me. My hope is that you will find a place here where you feel comfortable in taking that step with me.