Spring Breaking


IMG_1078While others were buying bathing suits & plane tickets, reserving massages or checking out destinations, I was busy planning our Spring Break staycation.

I compiled two lists of activities (see below) and put them into a clear jar, displayed on our dining table.  We’ll randomly draw an activity out of the above-pictured jar each night at dinner. The activities are simple, cost-effective ideas that will give us daily memory-making times together, without spending the entire day on the go or breaking the bank. (My youngest two are teenagers, so sleeping and taking a break from constant activity are, thankfully, much-appreciated Spring Break activities.)

Here is a sampling of activities we’ll choose from:

Spring Break activities
NOTE: The two in the middle are what I chose for factory tours because we’ve never been to either. There are a variety of other factory tours available to the public here or you could substitute a day trip from the list here.

Blank copyI’ll share each day’s activity – complete with photos, cost breakdown and our family’s feedback – on the blog at at the end of the week. Feel free to share with me, too, in the comments, either here or on Facebook! I’d LOVE to hear the creative ways your family is making your Spring Break staycation memorable!


And because I know so many of you are creative geniuses, here is a blank page to print and fill in with your own ideas.
Because I know so many of you are creative geniuses, here is a blank to print and fill in with your own ideas! Right click the graphic, save to your desktop and then print.